Career Starter Seminar 


Saturday, July 16, 2016 (9am - 4pm)



Join us for a one day seminar to work with our career coaches in person.

Walk out with everything you need to launch your career with confidence.


Where: Fairfax, VA 

When: Saturday, July 16, 2016 (9am - 4pm)

Price: $479 (Breakfast and Lunch included)


* Professionally Written Resume

We brag for you professionally. Our resumes are formatted for easy scanning and keyword-optimized to pass the 30 second test and various Applicant Tracking Systems.


* LinkedIn Profile

We will build an “Expert” rated LinkedIn profile that will generate more attention from recruiters and employers


* Professional Photo

We will take a professional-grade profile picture for use with LinkedIn and other job sites


* Career Starter Know-How Discussion Topics 

  • How and where do I start searching for jobs? 

  • How do I network with strangers?

  • How should I prepare for various types of interviews? 

  • Is it possible to negotiate my salary? What can I do to not leave money on the table?

  • What do they mean by "compensation package" (including 401K, Benefits, Performance Bonus, etc.)?