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Our proven methodology helps you put your best foot forward for Your Next Jump. We will continue to work with you until you have achieved each step in the process.

Career Launch Kit

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Everything you need to launch your career. 

Professional Resume

We brag for you professionally. Our resumes are written by Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRWs). Resumes are formatted for easy scanning and keyword-optimized to pass the HR 30-second test and various Applicant Tracking Systems.


Job Search Strategy Coaching

We will coach you on building effective resume and using job search tools such as LinkedIn and Indeed via group webinar session. We will also hold a personalized coaching meeting to help you brainstorm action steps. Upon the completion of our Career Launch Kit Service, you will know exactly what you need to do next.


Online Presence

We make you look awesome online. Our local photographers take a professional LinkedIn picture for you and build a LinkedIn Profile that will generate more attention from employers. We audit and clean up your social media footprints across various networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).


Career Coaching Sessions

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Interview Preparation Session

Crush your next job interview.  

Our in-person situational training sessions will prepare you for various interview formats from phone screenings to the toughest interview questions. We focus on the three components of every interview: narrative, technical, and behavioral. 


90 min session w/ Your Next Jump Career Coach





Career Launch Kit


Interview Preparation Session

Our most popular services offered in one service package. You will be confident marketing yourself on paper, online, and in person. 

Career Launch Kit + 90 min session w/ Your Next Jump Career Coach



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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to completing the Career Launch Kit package?

For our Career Launch Kit service, we ask that you send us your current resume (or a questionnaire that we can provide to you) and two job postings that reflect the type of positions you are targeting. Sometime after the first draft, we will meet with you to discuss your job search strategy and plan of action. Once the resume is complete (usually after two to three rounds of edits), we will take your professional LinkedIn profile photo and build out your online presence. You will also be invited to attend our Career Launch Webinar given by a YNJ Career Coach. We will explain YNJ Resume Methodology and demonstrate how to use tools like LinkedIn and Indeed in depth and effectively. Upon the completion of our Career Launch Kit Service, you will be equipped with a premiere presentation of your qualifications and a plan of action. For other career coaching services, we assess your career needs and devise a customized service package. Interview Preparation Session are usually conducted in-person and focus on the three components of every interview: narrative, technical, and behavioral. Please contact us for more information.

How long does Career Launch Kit take to complete?

Our Career Launch Kit service could take as little as a week and up to four weeks. Our service delivery timeline depends primarily on your needs and availability. With all our clients, we set a clear timeline and expectations upfront with no hidden costs.

Do we need to meet?

Many of our Career Launch Kit services are are conducted online via email, video chat, and over the phone. However, all LinkedIn profile photo sessions and the interview preparation sessions are conducted in-person with our city-specific, local photographers and coaches. All coaching is conducted in real-time to address your questions and share our screen to talk through our resume writing methodology and demonstrate how to use various job search tools. For other career coaching services, we determine the best delivery method upon assessing the need of individual client. Our in-person meetings are conducted in city-specific locations that are convenient for you such as local coffee shops, co-working spaces, and hotel conference rooms.

Do you write federal resumes?

The Obama administration made a push to make federal hiring more like the private sector. One big change included the acceptance of industry style resumes by most federal hiring offices, so long as they address each of the requirements of the posting. However, this is not government-wide. There are still offices that require a "federal style" resume which is typically four to eight pages long, written in narrative (paragraph) format, and provides comprehensive details of every employment position. However, we only write industry-style resumes which are seldom longer than two pages, focus on select accomplishments and core competencies, and incorporate bullets for quick scanning. If you are in need of an old "federal style" resume, we can recommend firms to you. For more information on the shift from federal style to industry style within the federal government: FedSmith - No More KSAs DHS - Federal Resume Tips USA Jobs - What should I include in my Federal Resume?

Will I be able to edit my resume in the future as my career progresses?

Yes and we encourage you to do so. Your resume will always be delivered in the latest Word format as well as PDF. In addition, we store your resume in our database in case you need a copy in the future. Every document we work on is your property and as such, you are free to do with it as you please.

Do you have group rates?

While we find it most effective to work one-on-one, we have conducted coaching sessions in a group setting in the past. Please contact us to discuss.

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