career launch kit

Career Launch Kit

Everything you need to launch your career. 


Personal Career Analysis

Through an in-person consultation session, we understand your passions, career goals, and employment objectives.


Professional Resume

We brag for you professionally. Our resumes are written by Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRWs). Resumes are formatted for easy scanning and keyword-optimized to pass the 30 second test and various Applicant Tracking Systems.


Online Presence

We make you look awesome online.

We build an "Expert" rated LinkedIn profile for you that will generate more attention from employers. We audit and clean up your social media footprints across various networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).



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15% Holiday Discount*

Now through December 24th

*For new clients only

career navigator

Career Navigator

Career Launch Kit Plus

Our Career Navigator package includes the Career Launch Kit and the following personal Career Coaching Services:


Interview Preparation

Crush your next job interview.  

Our situational training sessions will prepare you for various interview formats from phone screenings to the toughest interview questions.



Career Launch Coaching

Don't make your next jump alone.

Let us be your trusted advisors. We will coach you from job searching techniques all the way to your first salary negotiations. 



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15% Holiday Discount*

Now through December 24th

*For new clients only

Our Services

Our proven methodology helps you put your best foot forward for Your Next Jump. We will continue to work with you until you have achieved each step in the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What can I expect if I purchase one of your packages?

A:First, we will meet with you in person to better understand your passions, career goals, and employment objectives. We'll talk through your educational and employment background. We ask that you send us your resume (or your education and job history description) at least one day prior to meeting. You'll have access to our entire team, but the coach that meets with you initially will generally be your primary coach and main point of contact. The coach will explain to you our process and develop a schedule with you.

Q:How long would Career Launch Kit and Career Navigator take?

A:Our focus is achieving optimal outcomes for you in a timely manner. Our Career Launch Kit service could take as little as a few days to 4 weeks and our Career Navigator service could last up to 3 months. Our service delivery timeline depends primarily on your needs and availability.  With all our clients, we set a clear timeline and expectations upfront with no hidden cost for each service package.

Q:Do we need to meet in person?

A:While we prefer to meet with you in person (at least initially), we understand that it may not always be possible to do so. We will work with you to do what is best to accomodate your needs, schedule, and capabilities.

Q:Will I be able to edit my resume in the future as my career progresses?

A:Yes and we encourage you to do so. Your resume will always be delivered in the latest Word format as well as PDF. In addition, we store your resume in our database in case you need a copy in the future. Every document we work on is your property and as such, you are free to do with it as you please.

Q:Do you have group rates?

A:While we find it most effective to work one-on-one, we have conducted coaching sessions in a group setting in the past. Please contact us to discuss.

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