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How will you stand out?

College graduates with Bachelors degree entering the job market each year
Unemployed workers already in the job market
30 Seconds
Average time employers spend on scanning a resume

We help you land a job in the career that matches your passion, experience, and educational background.


Our simple, proven methodology ensures you are at your very best in each and every step of your job search. While other career coaches are interested in selling you time, we are interested in achieving outcomes. Our goal is the best presentation of you - from the initial interview to making that great impression the first day of your new job. 

How We Prepare You for Your Next Jump

Personal Career Analysis
In-person consulting session to assess your strengths and career goals. 
Professional Resume
Create a tailor made resume that will pass the 30 second test. 
Online Presence
Build an All-Star rated LinkedIn profile and clean up your social media footprint. 
Interview Preparation
Career Launch Coaching
Job search techniques from networking to salary negotiations.
Situational mock interviews and personalized interview strategy.
"Because English is my second language, I had a difficult time with choosing the right words during my past interviews. Tony created a personalized interview strategy to address these communication issues. He taught me there are times when saying less is actually more because interviews are all about delivering effective messages. He worked closely with me on my resume to highlight my strength and skills. Tony's personalized interview strategy and resume guidance were very helpful for launching my career in public accounting and I am very grateful to him."
 - Allan K.     
"Your Next Jump helped me three years ago in landing my first job. When I was ready to move on to a new opportunity, Tim helped me refresh my resume. But more importantly, he helped me throughout the salary negotiation process. Following his tips, I was able to land a starting salary of about $4k more than I originally thought I could get. He helped me understand the importance of timing and doing my research."
- Jacob M.