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To prepare our clients to have the best opportunity at landing their dream job.

The truth is, conducting a successful job search is hard! A shotgun approach to job hunting yields shoddy results. Resumes require meticulous crafting, interviews demand diligent preparation, and networking should be strategic.


At Your Next Jump, we come to work every day because we want to ensure our clients have done everything possible to obtain the job of their dreams. You've invested a lot of time, energy, and money into your career. What type of return do you expect for that investment?


Your Next Jump provides the most effective and actionable process to maximize your educational investment and career opportunities.

Dream big. Plan meticulously. Launch your career with confidence.

Meet the Founder

Tim is from Fishkill, New York and went to school at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh for both his undergraduate and master's degrees. Tim has over a decade of experience in business strategy and process improvement. He has worked for several top-tier international consulting firms and has been involved in the hiring of many new team members. He volunteers as a mentor to many recent grads and moonlights as a serial entrepreneur. Tim is a PARW/CC certified resume writer and professional career coach. 

Timothy Lo

Your Next Jump was built to reflect the passions and values of its employees: an affinity for simple processes, appreciation for hard work, and a belief that everyone can achieve their dreams with preparation and planning. 

Your Next Jump coaches have helped clients land jobs at

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