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How will you stand out?

Unemployed workers already in the job market
118 Applications
Number of job applications employers receive for any given job opening
10 - 15 Seconds
Average time employers spend on scanning a resume

We help you land a job in the career that matches your passion, experience, and educational background.

How We Prepare You for Your Next Jump

Initial Diagnostic Call
A phone conversation to discuss career interests and answer any questions about our services.
Professional Resume
Tailor made resume that will pass the 15 second test drafted by Certified Professional Resume Writers.
Online Presence
Build an "Expert" rated LinkedIn profile and clean up your social media footprint. 
Career Launch Coaching
A career counseling call or in-person meeting to discuss immediate action steps to be successful in the job market.
Online group session to learn how to use job search tools such as LinkedIn and Indeed.
Group Webinar 
Our simple, proven methodology ensures you are at your very best in each and every step of your job search. While other career coaches are interested in selling you time, we are interested in achieving outcomes. Our goal is the best presentation of you - from the initial interview to making that great impression the first day of your new job. 

What people say about us

"Because English is my second language, I had a difficult time with choosing the right words during my past interviews. Tony created a personalized interview strategy to address these communication issues. He taught me there are times when saying less is actually more because interviews are all about delivering effective messages. He worked closely with me on my resume to highlight my strength and skills. Tony's personalized interview strategy and resume guidance were very helpful for launching my career in public accounting and I am very grateful to him."
 - Allan K.     

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